Konica Autoreflex T3n w/ AR 50mm f/1.4 AE

Konica T3n w/ 50mm AR f/1.4

This is Konica's flagship T3n model from 1975-1978 in it's rare-ish 'Black Paint' finish. All the mechanicals and electronics are fully functional. The body is one of the last T3 versions produced, and includes the "SI" combined split image and microprism 'donut collar' focusing screen.

The body is in good overall condition and shows some well-loved use with some finish loss, leading to the expected brassing on exposed black paint edges. There are two small 'dimples' at the top corner edge of the viewfinder's prism housing, but they do not alter camera operation or your visibility.

The shutter speeds sound reasonably accurate at all settings, and the PC sync fires appropriately when the shutter is triggered - as does the self timer. The film and battery compartments are clean and clear, and release or unscrew properly for use. Everything operates smoothly, and is fully functional *.

The 50mm Hexanon AR lens is the faster f/1.4 kit lens in the last AE designation with improved coatings, and is in excellent condition. It has no haze, no fungus, no separation, and no scratches or coating issues or other anomalies to affect your photos. There is a very minimal amount of dust present, but this will not affect your photos or obscure your vision. The lens focuses smoothly and is mechanically functional in every respect and allows for full aperture control for both auto and manual modes, on oil-free blades. The lens will operate on any Konica AR mount body, or will also work equally well on many digital bodies with an appropriate adapter.

Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.4 lenses contain glass elements using trace amounts of radioactive material in their composition that can 'yellow' the glass over time. It can successfully be returned to a clear state with exposure to direct sunlight over several days or by direct UV light treatment. I have not attempted to 'clear' it, as some users prefer the warmer coloration they render when it's present, so I've left that choice up to you.

Although there is a small amount of haze on the viewfinder's prism, but this shouldn't effect your vision for previewing, composing, or reading the meter's values. It will certainly have no effect on functionality of the camera or the quality of photos.

You will receive the pictured and described camera body and one 50mm f/1.4 Hexanon lens, with it's OEM front cap, and the attached pair of strap lug rings. The rear and front non-Konica caps used as a props are not included. You will receive everything else in this listing, as-pictured and as-described, with no other items included.

  • The lens has been tested and used separately on Sony full-frame and APS-C mirrorless bodies for digital use, and on the included body to confirm full mechanical operations, but the body and/or lens have not been 'film tested' nor are they offered or warranted to be 100% accurate for any measured functionalities.
  • *NOTE: Metering and battery accommodations are required for full operation, as the Mercury cell used in the T3n is no longer manufactured. There are 1.3v Zinc-Air adaptable alternatives to replace the discontinued PX-675 1.35v battery.
  • If your intent is to use the camera with film, I would suggest that it may require new light seals. Seal kits are cheap and easy for anyone to replace them on their own, and without the need for special tools.
  • NOTE: Given the current public health circumstances, I will only ship this item in 'Click-n-Ship' approved packaging with scheduled USPS carrier pickups. In this case, it will be a USPS Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail box, with fixed shipping cost to your address, and insured for the full purchase price of the winning bid.
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