The Fine Print the bottom of every eBay listing...

I won't go into detail about what's covered by eBay's policy for every buyer, so please make sure you read and understand those when doing your own research on what their and your responsibilities are. The paragraphs below are the 'fine print' at the bottom of any one of my listings, so that you'll know what to expect from me, as the seller. Please note that I will only accept PayPal payments, and no other payment method is acceptable under any circumstances.

If you have questions or concerns, please ask them before placing a bid or buying an item, or tendering an offer. I'll try to give you a prompt answer if/when I can.

'US Only' Sales

Sorry, but I will only offer items to US buyers or bidders. This is not a business venture for me, and I choose not to deal with all the pitfalls of selling and shipping internationally. If you want to buy or bid on anything I sell and are not located in the US, then don't assume I'll change my mind for some reason. I reserve the right to cancel any bids, offers, or purchases if you do not have a US delivery address. I will only make an exception for non US buyers or bidders that I currently know, when they have previously expressed their interest to purchase an item or place a bid. Becoming 'fast friends' won't cover this exception.

Returns or 'Partial Discounts'

As I'm not a retailer or someone regularly selling items for income, I won't be accepting any returns unless they fall under one of these two exceptions.

  • I've sent you the wrong item by mistake and need to rectify that error to get you what you expected and paid for.
  • The 'New' item I sold you is non-functional.
There is no other options for returns, and I will not negotiate or offer any partial price discounts once your purchase and payment process is complete. If you have "Buyers remorse" or are not satisfied with your item after your purchase, then I can't offer you an alternative. I detail every item's functionality, disclose every issue I find, and provide ample high resolution photos so that you can make a well informed decision on your choice to purchase whatever I may sell. YOU are the expert on whether the item is suited for your purpose, and can assess it's condition and usability for your ownership and/or use.


  • I will reuse packing materials when I can, but I won't under-pack your item(s) just to save some pennies on materials.
  • If your item price exceeds $100 and is shipped via USPS, then I will add additional insurance to cover damages or loss up to the price of your item. That additional cost is factored into my listing price, whether it's a 'buy it now' or an auction listing, so please remember it's inclusion when you tender a 'best offer' or place a bid.
  • I won't presume that shipping insurance will be added for carriers other than USPS. If an item is available to ship with other carriers, you should assume that the maximum cost they'll cover will be $100. To be certain, you should check with that carrier about their insurance coverage.
  • I will use an adult signature delivery option on any purchases totaling over $500, and it will also be factored into the final price. If you want that added for any item of lesser value, you'll need to contact me immediately after making your payment to make arrangements and cover the additional cost via PayPal, prior to my labeling and shipping your package.
  • If your package incurs any damage, then you must be able to document that damage with clear photos of the item and it's box and packing materials. I will not assist you in filing a claim if you can't provide sufficient details and photos to the carrier, and I can't 'take your word' that some damage occurred without forwarding all your photos and documentation.
  • For those covered by the one exception to 'US only' sales, noted above, I can only offer shipping through eBay's Global Shipping Program, and can't provide any additional services or adjustments beyond the defaults it includes. I also can not and will not try to manipulate the costs associated with any Customs Duties that might be due for your item(s). These costs are not included in your item costs, and you are required to make any payment that may be due. Please review your country's customs policies and fees prior to bidding on, or buying, any items.