G.Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f/1.4

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This Single Coated Olympus G.Ziuko 50mm f/1.4 normal prime for OM mount is the upgraded kit lens version, and would be suitable for landscapes, street shots, or even portraits for those adapting to a crop format digital sensor. The lens is the fastest of the Zuiko primes in 50mm, and is known for it's superb color and clarity, speed, and contrast. The lens is in excellent condition with very minor cosmetic wear and flawless optics. This version is a later 'all black' 7-Element model, and not the radioactive type.

There is one issue of note. The filter ring has been dented and will not accept standard screw-in filters or hoods. It will still accept the Olympus 51mm clamp-on hood originally designed for it, but that hood is not included. The dent does not affect any other funtionality of the lens itself. That is the only reason for the low starting price for this otherwise clean and functional lens. There appears to have been a modification by a previous owner to the rear inner-mount sometime in the past, but it is purely a cosmetic issue, and does not affect the len's functionality

Everything operates smoothly, and is fully operational. The glass has no haze, no fungus, no separation, no coating issues, or any other undisclosed anomolies. There are a few very minor interior dust particles, but they will not affect your images. The oil-free aperture clicks lightly, and the focus is smooth and well damped. This lens would operate on any Olympus OM mount film body, or it would work equally well on digital bodies with an appropriate adapter.

You will receive the lens, a generic cap for the front and rear; all as pictured and as-described, with no other items included.

  • This lens has been tested on Sony E-Mount mirrorless bodies for digital use, and on an Olympus OM-2n and OMPC film bodies to confirm full mechanical operations; but has not been 'film tested'.
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