Canon nFD Macro 50mm f/3.5

DSC1074 2021 1

This 'new FD' Canon f/3.5 flat-field lens is intended for macro functionality, with a 1:2 magnification ratio without any additional FD adapters or extension tubes. It is in excellent overall condition, and is fully functional and ready for use. It is well known and highly rated for it's sharpness, color rendering and contrast and near-zero color abberations, and is packed in a very lightweight body for agile setup and use.

The body, barrel, and mount, show minimal signs of use, and optically it has no haze, no fungus, no separation, and no scratches or coating issues or other anomalies. There is a minimal amount of dust present, but nothing to affect your photos.

The lens focuses smoothly and is mechanically functional in every respect and allows for full aperture control for both auto and manual mode use, on oil-free blades. This lens will operate on any Canon FD mount body, or will also work equally well on many digital bodies with an appropriate adapter.

You will receive the 50mm Macro lens, with an original OEM front and a generic rear cap; as-pictured and as-described, with no other items included.

  • The lens has been tested and used separately on Sony full-frame and APS-C mirrorless bodies for digital use, and on multiple AR Mount bodies to confirm full mechanical operations, but has not been 'film tested'.
  • NOTE: Given the current public health circumstances, I will only ship this item in 'Click-n-Ship' approved packaging with scheduled USPS carrier pickups. In this case, it will be a USPS 6" x 6" x 7" Priority Mail box, with calculated shipping cost to your address, and insured for the full purchase price.
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