Canon FD 55mm f/1.2

Canon FTb QL 55mm 1.2

This lens is a very fast Canon classic in superb condition. A near-mint example of a manual lens suitable for a collection or ready to use on FD mount film bodies - or - for adapting to digital use with a proper adapter. The lens comes with it's Canon original all-black plastic 60mm slip-on front cap (in excellent condition), and a new/generic plastic rear cap.

The lens is fully functional, with smooth focusing and aperture control of its clean/dry blades. Optically, it is flawless, with no haze, fungus, separation, or other anomalies. The chrome-nose bayonet rim will accept filters readily, and will snugly accept an optional BS-58 hood or any appropriately sized screw-in hood.

You will receive the lens and front and rear caps only, as pictured, with no other items or accessories. NOTE: Canon FTb QL and BS-58 hood shown in the photo are for reference only, and are not included!

NOTE: The smudges on the chrome rim were residue from the aging silicone grips present in the BS-58 hood used when the 'glamour' shot was taken and are not permanent, nor have they affected the chrome finish.

  • Tested on Sony mirrorless bodies in aperture priority mode as an adapted manual lens (w/ generic FD-NEX adapter). It was also tested on Canon F-1, A-1, AE-1, and FTb QL film bodies to confirm full mechanical operations only; but has not been 'film tested'.
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